Gongs and Singing Bowls

“Everything in Life is Vibration.”
Albert Einstein

Gongs are some of the most ancient metal instruments. They have been used for meditation and spiritual practice for centuries, and the first gongs can be documented to around 1500 AD.

Gongs are extremely good at drawing the mind away from its ‘chatter’ and allowing it to focus on the present. They can relax the mind, guiding it from active Gamma/Beta brainwaves to more relaxed Alpha brainwaves and then Meditative Theta brainwaves that put us in a Liminal space between waking and sleep.

“There’s great wisdom in the transitional realms between wakefulness and sleep. In the wisdom tradition of Tibetan dream yoga, lamas say that the dream state is just as real-or unreal-as the waking state.” – Rick Reuben, The Creative Act.

All things in our universe are constantly in motion and are vibrating. Even objects that appear stationary are vibrating, oscillating, and resonating at various frequencies.

Humans also constantly vibrate. Yet, in our contemporary world, the constant stream of technological advances and internal and external pressures are creating an increasingly negative impact on our vibrations. As a result, human vibrations are becoming more easily blocked when we get ill, run down, or overworked. However, gongs emit powerful vibrations and can help to shift the body back to its natural frequency.

Whether by science or magic, gongs are somewhere between the known and the unknown. They are mind-expanding and primal. Come along and experience them.